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Retail and Wholesalers

 Thank you for showing interest in Junior Varsity Naturals Kids Deodorants. As you may already know this is an exclusive, all natural product, which sits in a class all by itself.  There are currently no kids deodorants on the market that we are aware of.  In other words, this product has absolutely no competition.  Instead it creates an entirely new and completely untapped market in the deodorant world.  Another major reason for carrying this product is our social responsibility to offer all natural alternatives to our clients.  Individuals have become more and more aware of potentially harmful chemicals being used in their products today.  Therefore, it is imperative that safe and all natural products are available to consumers of all ages.






To briefly describe our product, it comes in 1.9 ounce tubes, and is created from all natural sources.  This is a stick deodorant that goes on clear and will not leave any white residue. We currently carry two styles of deodorants.  The first is Citrus Sport for boys and Berry Sweet for girls.  Both products are fresh and natural smelling yet not overpowering.  Again, they go on clear and provide long lasting odor protection by utilizing only natural botanicals.






The demand for this product will be huge.  Virtually every parent we polled with children from as young as 6 years old and up, have relayed a need for this product.   Most have even asked what stores carry it.  Some parents told us that they refuse to allow their growing children to use deodorants because of the potentially dangerous chemicals.  Some parents are allowing them to use products that they don’t feel good about, only because there was no safe alternatives.  It was surprising how many parents were actually aware of the harmful chemicals.   Only a small percentage had no idea that there were harmful chemicals in most deodorants offered today.  To sum it up, the client base will be parents of children from about 6 to 14 years old who currently won’t purchase deodorant for their children because of the harmful chemicals. Parents who do allow their children to use deodorant, but are worried about the potentially harmful effects, will now have a kid friendly solution.  Hopefully together, we can educate the remaining parents about the benefits of using all natural products for themselves and their children.






In the near future we will be developing other deodorants for teenagers which of course will be all natural, as well as a brand for adults.  We will also be researching and developing an entire all natural product line for children, teenagers and adults. This will contain everything from tooth paste to lotion. This will be done in an effort to produce safer and all natural product alternatives for people of all ages.  We hope you will be a part in making this goal a reality.






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