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About Us

Our Mission Statement:


Junior Varsity Naturals will continually strive to provide healthy all natural product alternatives for people of all ages.

        Junior Varsity Naturals, Inc. was founded in 2008 as a partnership.  This partnership was founded for one reason, to provide healthy all natural product alternatives for people of all ages.  

         Steve Todorovic, Co-founder of Junior Varsity Naturals, Inc., had several arguments and debates with his wife Teresa over their 9 year old daughter's need to use deodorant.  Teresa, a Registered Cardiac Nurse, was adamant not to let Sara use any deodorant because of aluminum’s potential link to Alzheimer’s disease which has run in her family.  Steve did not want his daughter to be “that” kid in class with body odor. Steve thought that if he and his wife were having this debate, other parent's may also be having these same issues.


         Marcos Alvaro, Co-founder of Junior Varsity Naturals, Inc., is a very involved uncle in his 9 year old nephews life.  Marcos found that he was dealing with the same issue of body odor with this active child.  Marcos began asking friends and relatives with children if they too were having the same problem.  It was unanimous; every parent that he spoke with was dealing with the exact same issues with their children.  Marcos had identified that their was a serious need for a kids deodorant that wasn’t being met.        


         Now that Marcos and Steve had discovered that there was a huge need for a kids deodorant, and there were no products currently available, their path became clear. They began researching deodorants and their make-ups.  Their initial thoughts that brand name deodorants weren’t safe for children were confirmed, and they realized that there were even more potentially dangerous chemicals than they had first thought.  They realized that parabens were also used and they may be linked with breast cancer, and even glycols that are used to make antifreeze were present.  So their quest began to formulate an all natural deodorant with none of the potentially damaging chemicals that are even contained even in some of the so called natural deodorants.  After a long and painstaking process, with the help of scientists and laboratories they came up with the first all natural completely safe youth deodorant and Junior Varsity Naturals kids Deodorant was born.


         Not only was an all natural youth kids created, but a realization that harmful chemicals are contained in almost every personal hygiene product out there used by children and adults.  Thus, the work must continue to create a complete line of children, teen and adult natural hygiene products, one product at a time.